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Building automation and building management systems

Control buildings using intelligent systems, protect the environment, simplify handling, save costs, reduce maintenance and achieve greater comfort.

Many components in buildings can be controlled and networked with each other. We offer customized building management systems that automatically control building technology, significantly simplify handling and complexity, and reduce energy costs and maintenance. We thus combine innovative technical solutions with the principle of energy-efficient use of the entire building infrastructure (heating, air conditioning, lighting, communication).

During the planning and construction phase of buildings, different components and necessary capacities have to be considered according to the target values. Components are often not networked, devices or systems are operated incorrectly, settings are not regularly checked or adjusted at the right time. This results in high operating and maintenance costs plus high wear. Specially trained personnel and continuous training for our technicians ensure a professional installation as well as smooth operation and maintenance of the building management systems.

We offer automation systems that monitor and control the building infrastructure (heating, cooling, air conditioning, lighting, etc.) through innovative technologies. Specially developed software, sensors and control systems control the building technology and thus control the building infrastructure.

This eliminates human error, achieves target values, avoids technical failures, detects malfunctions, saves costs and reduces wear.

Central Automation Control

Unlike conventional Building Management Systems (BMS), our systems consist of three modules and can be controlled centrally. The building infrastructure (all devices and equipment) is networked and integrated into the system. Intelligent sensors monitor the environment and report changes and actual values to the central control station.

In seconds, the system makes adjustments and automatically controls devices and systems. Human error is thus excluded. With the machine-to-machine communication module, devices communicate with each other. This ensures that required target values are always achieved.

All devices and systems are controlled via the web interface system. Maintenance intervals and malfunctions are monitored online.

Automation Control Software

All control and automation modules required for control, monitoring, integration and installation are controlled by the in-house software. The software can be adapted to our clients’ needs, offering the highest possible customer satisfaction and comfort.

Production support services Software

Identification of each product and system from serial production: During the installation process and the ongoing maintenance support process, this definition is provided by this product and the product serves as a customer registration, enabling continuous monitoring.

The service, support services, product installations, fault monitoring and all other operational support components can be controlled with a single software.

Control Modules
  • Analog/digital input output, PWM control module.
  • PC controlled analog/digital input output, PWM control module.
  • DC/AC motor control modules (direct drive, frequency converter, etc.)
  • Analog, digital sensor control card that only sends data.

In addition to the above equipment, we supply additional equipment to meet the needs of the building.