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Communication Technology

State-of-the-art technologies and applications, IoT (Internet of Things) services and artificial intelligence (AI) are creating extraordinary dynamics in the telecommunications market.

The 5G standard marks the beginning of a new technological era, with data speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second and response times of less than 1 ms. The demands on the digital and mobile networks of network operators are growing rapidly and steadily.

IGT Mikrolink offers its customers turnkey solutions for this purpose and can handle all new communication technologies. For a maximum of security in planning and execution, we develop, deliver, install and monitor complete data and communication networks as well as systems from a single source.

  • Planning and implementation of infrastructure in buildings

  • Installation and commissioning of the mobile radio system technology
  • Installation of power supply, UPS and emergency power systems
  • Maintenance of networks and installations

Communication technology must function with high efficiency and minimal maintenance. Technical functions and requirements such as quality, capacity and economic efficiency must be guaranteed and continuously checked. This is the only way to achieve the highest possible network efficiency and avoid disruptions.

Our consulting services include network audits, performance audits and supplier evaluation. Our consultants are qualified experts who have many years of experience and have successfully supported a large number of projects in Germany and abroad.

Mobile Communications Infrastructure

For network operators, we are an experienced solution provider for turnkey infrastructure solutions. We handle the realization of the entire infrastructure — from planning, project development and project management to installation and commissioning. Of course, we also take care of the planning and installation of power supply, UPS and emergency power systems.

Services Overview:

  • Turnkey project development and planning
  • Site acquisition and obtaining of all approvals
  • Project management and realization of the infrastructure
  • Mast construction and roof locations
  • Underground engineering and FTTx
  • Installation and commissioning of the mobile radio system technology
  • Installation of power supply, UPS and emergency power systems
  • Commissioning and maintenance of the facilities
In-Building / 5G Solutions for Campus Networks

We implement individual in-building solutions including consulting, planning, installation and integration of supply systems from a single source.

The in-building solution includes all supply systems to ensure network coverage inside buildings. For over 20 years we have been providing turnkey solutions for supermarkets, shopping centers, hotels, high-rise buildings, hospitals, logistics centers, tunnels and underground stations.

With our internationally experienced engineers, we provide the planning and execution of comprehensive indoor supply systems. We have implemented over 1,000 projects worldwide and are recommended by international clients as an innovative and reliable solution partner.

Network Auditing

Regular technical monitoring of communication and data networks helps network operators identify vulnerabilities. This prevents potential malfunctions, damages that have occurred can be quickly repaired, and operating costs can be reduced.

The network audit ensures that:

  • technical and economic objectives and targets are achieved,
  • network resources are used safely and optimally,
  • reliable data is collected for optimization,
  • the maximum possible mobile radio power is provided, and
  • that customer satisfaction is increased.

By auditing the network performance or system capacity, we compare the technical planning targets with the actual performance achieved. The dynamics of a mobile network, caused by network expansion, subscriber growth, introduction of new services and increasing wireless environments, pose many challenges to operators.

The network quality can be maintained or improved only through regular audits and the evaluation of the data collected (network data). We analyze all processes, the geographical transfer density and forecast growth. Thus, we provide appropriate suggestions for resource adjustments.

Network Analysis and Network Optimization

E2E performance audits help the operator to identify the causes of customer complaints, the actual network coverage and the state of service quality.

For network operators, we offer immediate test and optimization solutions as part of our special on-site services (Field Operation Site Service).


  • Improving customer satisfaction,
  • securing and increasing service quality and availability, and
  • reduction of operating and investment costs
TETRA BOS – Digital Radio for Public Authorities

Functioning and resilient infrastructures are vital for society and the economy and are therefore particularly worthy of protection. Critical infrastructure (CIP) includes assets, systems or parts thereof that are of major importance to the maintenance of critical societal functions, health, safety and economic or social well-being of the population.

Voice and data communication via TETRA BOS, the standard for digital, publicly accessible radio networks (Professional Mobile Radio, PMR), plays an important role. Access allows authorities and users such as police, emergency services and public utilities to respond to hazardous situations independently of other communication networks.

We plan, deliver and install modern digital radio technologies for our clients, which we have already implemented internationally in tunnels and underground networks.