Lighting and Power Technology

In addition to building technology, IGT Mikrolink GmbH offers lighting and energy technology. Each object must be equipped with lighting.

Again, good preliminary planning is very helpful. Energy-saving LED lighting is now possible in all areas.

But energy technology is also an important topic. Only those who know their needs and actual consumption can derive measures that lead to the best energy efficiency. Energy conservation is like a sleeping giant that needs to be awakened. This applies to both the industrial and municipal sectors.

Energy Management

Energy management integrates and coordinates energy-relevant tasks that were previously handled largely independently of one another. These tasks are combined into a unified strategy, taking into account new savings techniques. Energy management includes analysis and controlling, as well as planning, organization, communication and information.

Energy management systems create transparency in energy consumption and determine the associated costs. The data obtained can be used to develop, evaluate and decide on measures to improve energy efficiency.

Lighting Technology

Whether tubes, spotlights, street lighting or special recessed/under-cabinet luminaries, we offer a wide range of products. LED technology saves up to 70%* energy costs and protects the environment.

IGT Mikrolink GmbH offers a complete range of LED lights. We offer consulting services for your lighting design and lighting installation.

Special Lighting

You have a special requirement for a lighting system and are looking for the right solution? Then we are your partner. With our qualified team we offer individual lighting technology at the highest level.

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