IT Infrastructure & IT Security

As a solution provider for IT security architecture, we deliver technologies for the high availability of data and applications.

Increasing digitization is sweeping through our everyday lives. It offers people new opportunities, but on the other hand leads to system- and technology-related risks. With the interconnectedness of almost every aspect of our lives, we are constantly gaining more access to digital infrastructures, services and data that we interact with on a daily basis. Consequently, data requirements and data transmission are increasing dramatically.

For many companies, their data is an essential part of their business value. The resource data must be protected from external access and securely outsourced according to compliance guidelines. Data recoverability in the event of failure or a disaster is essential.

Our company is a solution provider for IT security architecture. We develop innovative technologies for highly secure network access (remote access) as well as backup and restore platforms for reliable data security and data recovery. However, the focus is always on an operational IT infrastructure that is linked to a reliable and high-performance security architecture.


Network Technology

Notebooks, desktops and mobile devices dominate the working world today. All these communication terminals have to be integrated into a company’s own network. As the complexity of each system also increases with the number of end devices and the necessary bandwidth, you should also rely on our specialists here. They professionally handle the

  • installation of the infrastructure by means of an optimal carrier system,
  • data center equipment, and
  • configuration and adaptation of the network devices, always within the framework of the currently valid standards and regulations.

The choice of the right components and their configuration is also decisive for stability and performance. Whether switching or routing systems, we can show you the respective possibilities and recommend the suitable solution.

Site Accessibility and Mobility

The connection of branch offices, subsidiaries or home offices is a basic requirement in every company. Secure systems that work in a performant and user-friendly way are indispensable. With our partners, we offer extensive solution scenarios for your needs.

Firewall, Email and Web Security

IT security today is much more extensive and complex. The various dangers and security risks must be considered for different communication channels. Whether network, email or web security, we have strong partners to make your individual IT structure more secure.

Server Services

Data center services such as hosting and housing, for clients who do not want to worry about air conditioning, emergency power or access control to their servers, can be found here with us. State-of-the-art equipment in the data center guarantees a secure location for your servers.

Sophos Security News

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