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Building Services Engineering

IGT Mikrolink GmbH offers innovative solutions from a single source in all areas of building services engineering, combining years of experience with a high level of technical competence.

Whether electrical engineering, information systems or security systems, all solutions are coordinated down to the last detail. The components and systems used are exclusively sourced from leading manufacturers.

Electrical Engineering

Line Networks and Supply

New construction, reconstruction or an extension of an existing electrical infrastructure are precisely planned, calculated and documented by us. Selecting the right systems and components in compliance with regulations is an important part of ensuring a permanently functioning infrastructure.

Supplemented by emergency power and UPS systems, ultimate consumers can perform their services even if a failure or malfunction has interrupted the building supply.

Building Automation

Many components of lighting, sun protection, heating, etc. in buildings are controllable nowadays and can be coupled with each other. The construction and operation of these systems is only one part of our service. Specially trained staff and their continuous training, guarantee professional installation and operation of various bus systems, such as KNX and LCN.

DGUV V3 Testing

The DGUV V3 (formerly BGV A3) applies to every company. According to legislation, compliance with this regulation must be proven — with the result that all electrical equipment in a company has been inspected in accordance with the standard and complies with the required occupational safety.

IGT Mikrolink GmbH offers this legally prescribed specialist examination as a service. An inspection by our specialists therefore guarantees the “electrical safety” of your company. They have great competence and experience. The use of the latest measuring technology is a matter of course.

Security Systems

Alarm Systems

In the event of a fire or burglary, you, the fire department and police must be informed immediately. We offer fire alarm and burglar alarm systems.

To ensure that you benefit from the full performance of your security systems, we select the most suitable technology for you from the pool of possibilities.


Attacks on companies and livelihoods do not only take place in the virtual space. You can also protect yourself effectively against burglary, theft and sabotage. We offer tailor-made monitoring technology:

  • Video Technology
  • Access Control

Using IP technology, monitoring, logging and tracking are more convenient, flexible and efficient than ever before.