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Power Engineering and Photovoltaic Systems

For sustainable and cost-effective power supply

Industrial companies need more and more electricity for production. Low-cost solar power can significantly reduce costs and generate electricity without CO₂ emissions. Therefore, they protect the climate and are an investment in the future. Operating a solar system on the company roof also symbolizes environmental awareness and forward thinking to the outside world.

A photovoltaic system converts sunlight into cheap, green electricity. In this way, you produce 100% renewable energy without additional CO₂ pollution.

We take care of a smooth and safe process. We accompany all processes with experienced partners and engineering companies like Home of Solar, as well as the planning, logistics and installation on site. Also during commissioning and communication with the local energy supplier, we support you and stay in a close and personal exchange the whole time.

Energy Management

Energy management integrates and coordinates energy-relevant tasks that were previously handled largely independently of one another. These tasks are combined into a unified strategy, taking into account new savings techniques. Energy management includes analysis and controlling, as well as planning, organization, communication and information.

Energy management systems create transparency in energy consumption and determine the associated costs. The data obtained can be used to develop, evaluate and decide on measures to improve energy efficiency.